Property Insurance Program

MCC has developed and capitalized a complete insurance program for real estate developers and property managers. The program is simple to use and over the past 2 years has on average saved $30.00 per door when compared to the premiums paid by our clients in the immediately preceding year.

How it Works

A developer or property manager signs an Insurance Management Agreement allowing MCC Property Risk Management Services, Inc. to purchase and place insurance on behalf of the portfolio.

MCC will shift a majority of this risk to the broader market but it will keep, through a proprietary policy with MCC Property Insurance Company, Inc., a portion of the property insurance risk on each property. Typically, this is within the “frequency layer” of risk.

With strong initial underwriting, actively working with owners/mangers to reduce the incidence of preventable frequency, and the power of scale…we bring substantial cost savings to our clients under a custom built, broad and carefully crafted comprehensive property insurance policy.

We believe in it so much we insure 100% of our own properties under this system and always have.

Call us today to get an estimate and determine if your portfolio will qualify.