Investing in places where people come first

Michigan Community Capital (MCC) is committed to building more equitable communities by providing financing for mixed-income housing, healthy food access, education and training programing, community development, job creation, and economic development. As a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), MCC works with community-minded projects and mission-focused organizations to create flexible loan products that fill a unique financing gap.

MCC is a trusted partner with nonprofits, governments, and small and large businesses throughout the state of Michigan.

We design our loans to serve projects that need them most, so loan terms are flexible and tailored to the specific project being financed.

Michigan Community Capital Loan Options

Predevelopment Loans

Predevelopment loans are customized to provide repayment terms that accommodate the needs of the project’s construction and permanent financing.

Real Estate Loans

Financing for real estate loans may include construction and/or permanent financing for projects that create strong community impacts, have diverse funding sources and require more flexible terms.

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans to finance tax increment financing reimbursements and/or grants into the project.

Premium Finance Loans

Premium finance loans are designed to fund insurance premiums up front to help free up cash flow for the project.

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